Lone Bloom

Full confession:  I get fixated on particular trees and plants and won’t stop thinking about them until they live in my/family/friend’s yard or garden.  For a few year’s I dreamed of a gorgeous spring blooming Magnolia for the planting area between our building and the sidewalk inside our iron fencing.

After searching, I found the perfect tree – Black Tulip Magnolia.  It’s grown like crazy in the three years we’ve had it, but sadly only one bloom last year.


Now I’m on a mission to figure out how to make this little bugger bloom.    I’ve been using Coast of Maine Compost, but that doesn’t seem to be doing the trick.  Fertilizer is my next stop – I like the Espoma selection.





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Hello, I'm Beth, an ex-financial services marketing type, with two kids, a husband, and a new puppy. I have a passion for gardening, cooking, all things crafty, but above all else that journey called life.
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