Tool Arsenal

Some of the tools I find super helpful in maintaining perennials, annuals, shrubs and trees.


Plant-tone from Espoma, a small shovel, bypass loppers

I’m a fan of the Plant-tone products from Espoma, which you can find at most garden supply stores, Home Depot and even on Amazon.  A small shovel is great to have on hand and a set of bypass loppers for trimming larger branches.

Small trowel, Felco bypass clippers and a Felco handsaw

Small trowel with a serrated edge, bypass pruners and a small handsaw

A few other crucial tools – I love this little shovel with the serrated side edge, bypass shears, and a handsaw.  Felco makes terrific gardening tools.  My bypass shears and handsaw are made by them.  As I mentioned, you can find all of these at most garden supply stores, Home Depot and Amazon.

Looking at these pictures I realize how filthy my tools are and that they need to be cleaned.  Clean tools prevent diseases from spreading from one plant to another, and is a crucial element in garden maintenance.  I need to get cracking with the cleaning!

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Hello, I'm Beth, an ex-financial services marketing type, with two kids, a husband, and a new puppy. I have a passion for gardening, cooking, all things crafty, but above all else that journey called life.
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