Vermont Flagstones

I had this little fantasy once we moved into our place that eventually we would replace the grass in the garden, with a flagstone patio.  Creeping Thyme would meander between the stones.  A high school friend’s parents had a fabulous flagstone patio and pool, with Thyme growing between the stones and I never shook the image.  The summer after moving into our place, on a trip to Vermont we impulsively bought a pallet of stone and had it delivered to my mom and stepfather’s house.

We spent about a year slowly bringing the stones back each time we made a trip north.  I know, we’re nuts.  It was a bit sentimental for me, having grown up in Vermont and now living an urban life, to have a piece of Vermont in our house.  One drawback to our back garden is that we don’t have street access so any work done in the back needs to be hauled through the house.  As you can imagine it creates quite the mess.  Slowly bringing the stones back seemed like a good solution.  Initially we thought we would build the patio, but at the end of the day we hired a great contractor to install it for us.

In addition to the patio, he did a good amount of drainage work, which was a HUGE help, as our ground level had been flooding.  Note the all the furniture precariously balanced.


We  opted against ‘cementing’ them in, thinking that we might want to build an addition on to the back of the house and I still had that vision of Thyme bouncing through my head.

You can see more recent photos over at Apartment Therapy.  Next up:  what to plant between the flagstones that will thrive.

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