Groundcover – The Great Experiment

We’ve been experimenting with different ground covers, attempting to grow them between the bluestone/flagstones for the past few years.  Some successful, some not-so successful.  Here’s our abbreviated list that’s worked for us:


This forms a dense carpet, about 2″ high that supposedly can tolerate heavy foot traffic and even an occasional mowing.  It sends out runners and spreads quickly.  Although I do wonder if it will quickly become a nuisance, simply because it has spread so quickly.

Check here for additional pictures on the Web.

Corsican Mint

This is the stuff used to flavor crème de menthe.  For such a small plant the aroma is wonderfully powerful with tiny, green round leaves.  It’s done well in our space in a spot that gets morning sun and afternoon shade.  This is by far my favorite and despite our Zone, it’s come back this year and spread.  Most likely because I planted it close to the house.

Check here for additional pictures on the Web.

Creeping/Wooly Thyme

We haven’t had the greatest success growing this between pavers.  Not sure if it has to do with the soil content between the pavers, or the shifting sun.  One downside to the Thyme is that when it’s flowering it tends to attract bees.  It’s taken in some spots though, but it’s been mainly in our stone wall.


We’ve had luck with both Scotch and Irish Moss.  This year it’s booming.  One thing though, we’ve had a hard time keeping track of which is which type.  Another Moss variant we’ve had success with is propagating it ourselves in batches.  The recipe we’ve used is rather loose:

  • 1 clump of moss
  • 1 beer
  • 1 cup of water
  • Mix all three together in a blender and then you can spread/pour in desired spots.

For other ideas on what to grow that can tolerate foot traffic, I found these sites particularly helpful.  Although I do think much of it is trial and error.

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