Itching for a Trip

I absolutely am obsessed with Terrain at Styer’s.  If you haven’t been and live in some proximity to the Wilmington, De/Philadephia area you need to make a trip.  It’s owned by the folks at Anthropologie and has all the fabulous touches of the innovative decorative touches of the clothing stores, but it’s a functioning nursery, with a small cafe.  They have a great line up of events, but sadly we’re just a bit too far away to make the journey for them.

If you’re in the area, and looking for a little inspiration make the trip!  In the meantime, you can shop at or check out pictures on Flickr of the space.

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Hello, I'm Beth, an ex-financial services marketing type, with two kids, a husband, and a new puppy. I have a passion for gardening, cooking, all things crafty, but above all else that journey called life.
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