Beach Garden in Bloom (or at least approaching)

We’re fortunate enough to have a family beach house on the Jersey Shore, a short trip away from where we live.  Makes the heat somewhat bearable in the summer.  Over the past few years, we’ve been slowly landscaping.  Last year, we installed a raised bed vegetable garden, that provided us with a bounty of fresh edibles over the summer (heavily slanted towards tomatoes.)

And less than a month later, it’s amazing to see how everything has grown!

This year, we did a bit more work on landscaping on the property –  installing two raised beds in the front and fixing a circular bed in the back.  The upgrades did much for the curb appeal of the house and in the coming years the shrubs and perennials planted in the front should quickly fill in.  This year they look at bit small.  I’m impatient.  Acclimating the plants to their new home should pay off in the end, but I still want them to be lush and full, pronto!

Doesn’t look like much when we first started out…

and then once the planting were completed…

The hardy geraniums took a bit of a hit, but they have sprung back since this picture was taken in early June.

And then in the back of the house, we started out with this sad little bed.

That was transformed

into this…viola!

I have much more to share, but am out of time at the moment.  If anyone is interested in the details on how much stone it took us to build, just let me know.

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Hello, I'm Beth, an ex-financial services marketing type, with two kids, a husband, and a new puppy. I have a passion for gardening, cooking, all things crafty, but above all else that journey called life.
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